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h ope 


is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating one of the single biggest problems facing families living in extreme poverty in Haiti: access to water.  Through a simple, yet highly effective method of building individual water reservoirs for vulnerable families, we are helping to transform communities in rural Haiti. 

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We envision access to abundant water, hope and dignity for all.

Our Work

The Reservoir Project:  Our 5,500-gallon concrete water-tank reservoirs are filled with rain water collected on the roof and piped to the reservoir. With proper management, the reservoir will provide a vulnerable family with an abundant supply of sustainable water for a least one year.

 “From Buckets to Books” is a program based on a curriculum that has produced remarkable outcomes for children in terms of their academic performance and spiritual growth.   Thanks to the support of Grace Church in Lititz, PA we are currently operating 16 “From Buckets to Books” clubs for children now set free from the burden of collecting water,  impacting over 550 children in the community. 

With your help, over 225 
reservoirs have been built and hundreds of families impacted
since we started this project in May 2019.

When we can alleviate the single biggest burden facing families in the communities we serve, the possibilities of transformation are endless.


“Before the reservoir, I would always feel relieved only on Sunday as I did not need to fetch water that day. Mom and Dad did. Now we have a reservoir at home.”

- Ricardo, 8 years old, Reservoir #25

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“My dream is that through h2ope Ministries™ Haiti we are able to end the water problem in the region for good and influence the next generation of Haitians to be productive followers of Jesus!”

- Archelet Duverne, Executive Director of 

h2ope Ministries™ Haiti  

Our Mission Statement: 

h2ope Ministries™ Haiti works to break the grip of physical and spiritual poverty through the building of water reservoirs for the neediest of households. We strive to not only improve the quality of life of individuals, families and communities struggling with extreme poverty but infuse God’s hope through our work.

Why Water?

From water flows health, prosperity and hope.

In the areas we serve, access to water is a critical problem.

In the Belle-Vue la Montagne, Kenscoff and Aux-cadets regions east of Port-Au-Prince, it is not uncommon for over 2,000 people to depend on a single water source that is often miles away from their home for their daily water needs.   Living on less than $2 a day, gathering water consumes daily life for families in these communities.   

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“Having access to water at home is a privilege!

This is really a dream come true! We used to suffer too much when we have to clean or do some other works. Please tell those who financed my reservoir: thank you! I would love to meet them someday! Our life has changed! We could not afford building the reservoir ourselves. Thanks God, I am able clean my clothes and clean the dishes right at home! No need to go to way down to the river now. My family is blessed!”

- Florence, Reservoir #95


Join us as we work to not only bring change and revival through accessible water, but most importantly HOPE!

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