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Our Work

The Reservoir  Project

Our work is a simple, yet highly effective method of building individual water reservoirs for vulnerable families in the Belle-Vue la Montagne, Kenscoff and Aux-cadets regions east of Port-Au-Prince. Instead of building expensive wells or water spring systems that still require hours spent each day walking to distribution points, our approach is to build a 5,500-gallon concrete water-tank reservoir at individual homes, which is then shared with neighboring homes.  The water to fill the tank comes from rain water collected on the roof and piped to the reservoir.  With proper management, a reservoir of this size will provide an abundant supply of sustainable water for a least one year.


“While we appreciate and respect projects that other organizations have implemented to support our community, we conclude that there is no other project more useful and sustainable than this water project. We used to suffer a lot for not having access to water. Thanks be to God we now have water at home to help us make several tasks easier! We grow better crops and earn better benefit! Our hope is that God provides more resources for the blessing of our other brothers and sisters.”

- Henry, Reservoir #98

Sustainable agriculture due to access to water at the home is resulting in healthier families and increased incomes from the sale of crops. 

The Impact of these Reservoirs on Communities

With your help, over 200 reservoirs have been built and hundreds of families impacted since we started this project in May 2019. That means…

  • Hundreds of children are now able to spend more time in school, as less time is spent collecting water.

  • Women in these communities are saving anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours a day not having to travel to collect water, opening the opportunity for other income-generating ventures.

  • Sustainable agriculture is now possible for reservoir recipients as families are able to water crops during the dry season.

  • Families are seeing increased income from the production of crops due to the availability of water.

  • Women and children, the primary family members responsible for collecting water, are safer, as they are no longer walking long, often dangerous distances over steep terrain to collect water.

  • The community is healthier due to a decrease in water-related diseases, as clean-water practice training is implemented with each reservoir.

Click here to help tackle this critical issue

and respond to the call to walk alongside some of

the most vulnerable people in the Western Hemisphere.


Thank you for helping us move from children collecting water away from home to water flowing at the home.

As women now have more time to develop other forms of household income, HOPE for a better future fills the communities. 

A child using water from the reservoir to wash his hands.  With clean water access comes better hygiene and healthier families. 

How it works

  1. The cost to build a reservoir is $2500.  Once the donation is received by us, the reservoir will be built within 30 days.  Donations less than $2500 will be designated a project code, and building will begin when the full donation amount is raised. 

  2. Partners will receive information on the recipient family including household and family photos and also GPS coordinates as to where their home is located in Haiti.

  3. Partners will receive photos and updates on the reservoir as it is being built and are able to select a custom dedication for their reservoir. 

  4. Partners will be sent photos of the completed reservoir. 


With all reservoirs, local community members will be engaged in the building process, further supporting income in these rural areas.  Recipients of the well will be responsible for cleaning the space to be used, providing storage for all materials and water for cement. 


Bucket to Books Project

Over the past three years, we have been addressing the critical needs of safe water through the construction of over 185 water reservoirs built for vulnerable families, resulting in improved overall health and freeing up valuable time for children’s education.  In order to fulfill the organization’s mission of “bringing God’s hope to the poorest," h2ope Ministries™  in partnership with Grace Church in Lititz, PA, is providing biblical values education to nurture the spiritual, mental, and social development of children who have benefitted from the reservoir project.


The project named “From Buckets to Books” is based on a curriculum that has produced remarkable outcomes for children in terms of their academic performance and spiritual growth. Participation in similar clubs has shown dramatically improved school performance (reading/writing), understanding of Biblical principles/values, and conduct among children in the target age group. Thanks to Grace Church, we currently have 16 clubs operating, impacting over 550 children in the community. 

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