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About Us

h2ope Ministries™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating one of the single biggest problems facing families living in extreme poverty in Haiti: access to water.  Through a simple, yet highly effective method of building individual water reservoirs for vulnerable families, we are helping to transform communities in rural Haiti. 


Our Mission Statement

h2ope Ministries™ works to break the grip of physical and spiritual poverty through the building of water reservoirs for the neediest of households. We strive to not only improve the quality of life of individuals, families and communities struggling with extreme poverty but infuse God’s hope through our work. 

Our Vision Statement: 

h2ope Minsitries™ envisions access to abundant water, hope and dignity for all.

Our Core Values:

*Christ-centered: Our works reflect the compassion and love of Christ to others.

*Sustainability: Our resources target sustainable and long-term change programs.

*Stewardship: We commit to be transparent to donors and beneficiaries and to be outstanding stewards of our resources.

*Respect: We believe in profound respect and dignity for those we work with: staff, volunteers, members, partners and donors. 

*Honesty: We undertake our work with integrity, openness, honesty and professionalism.


Our Staff


Archelet Duverne

CEO and Founder of h2ope Ministries™ Haiti

Archelet’s career spans over 15 years working in various non-profit organizations throughout Haiti including Tearfund, Food for the Hungry, and Passion Rescue Mission.  Archelet experience includes numerous roles including executive director, program coordinator, and policy and advocacy officer. His passion for helping those in need has led to the design and implementation of countless projects to help lift the burden for those living in extreme poverty. Archelet has been married to Gina for six years and together they have a beautiful daughter. 

“As executive director of h2ope Ministries™ Haiti, my goal is to develop a strong and sustainable organization that will provide a direct link for our donors with the project in Haiti and also facilitate us to design and add other project-components to our initiatives. My dream is that through h2ope Ministries™ Haiti we are able to end the water problem in the region for good and influence the next generation of Haitians to be productive followers of Jesus!”

- Archelet Duverne 

Dany Toussaint

Administration & Logistic Manager

Dany TOUSSAINT holds a degree in Business Administration and a certification in Community Development and brings more than 10 years of professional and volunteer experience in working with vulnerable communities. His devotion to community development projects helps him to contribute to the reinforcement of the community leader’s capacities and execute project goals.  He likes to be in touch with the beneficiaries on the ground to understand their needs and serve them in a more active capacity.   He is married and has a three-year-old boy with his wife Minouche Evaris.

Angelo Eliancy

Field coordination

Angelo Eliancy has a degree in project management and an associate degree in community healthcare.  He has a host of experience working as a health agent in rural section of Haiti and has also worked for the organization Food for the Hungry as a field officer. Angelo’s responsibilities include working as the liaison between the beneficiaries, the volunteers and overall administration for the water project.   


Corporate Sponsors:

LED Technologies Inc.

For years, LED Technologies has partnered with different organizations to bring lasting change and revival to Haiti through clean-water initiatives. When we launched this initiative three years ago, LED Technologies joined hands with us and has continued to be a catalyst for change not only through their products that promote healing, reviving and transformation but through their unwavering support of h2ope Ministries™.


Join us as we work to not only bring change and revival through accessible water, but most importantly HOPE!

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